GREECE - Athen, Delphi and the Peloponnes

An intensive Yoga course that will take place in the hills, temples, theatres and beauties of continental Greece,

The land where the gentle wind among the silvery olive trees will echo for us in the valleys and on the mountains, among the waves and in the rivers.
The ancient home of classical culture, which attached great importance to knowledge and the search for truth.

Five days to Remember, Breathe, Raise the glasses together, because we will make this still the Time in which to open hearts together.
This will be the Greece that we will live in this journey of ours.

Departing from Athene a reserved bus will take us to our different destinations.
From the mountains of Parnassos and other incredible sites... including the sea... the mythical Mycenae
Places where expansions of consciousness can be spontaneous and facilitate answers to our deepest inner questions.

"A person who goes on a journey,
is never the same person who comes back from a trip."

Before entering the sites there will always be a guided group meditation to harmonize with the elements and frequencies of the places.
Initially our guides will help us in the synergy between archaeological/historical and experiential information.
Afterwards we will leave time to the single experience.

From the 4-star hotel in Athene to the residence on the beaches of the Peloponnese, we have chosen the best partners at each of our stages, to guarantee the group the best value for money.