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Tajental Events organizes and promotes events and trips
for yoga teachers and holistic schools and their students
in places energetically important, to the rediscovery and development of human potential.


Choose the type of experience you want your group to live, the budget...
... and leave the total organisation, logistical coordination and bureaucratic aspects to us.

Our Summer Camps

Paris and Brittany
Imposing cathedrals, medieval labyrinths, islands of power, enchanted forests, places of worship of the ancient Druids and Celts.

Athens, Delphi and the Peloponnese

Among the hills, temples, theaters and beauties of mainland Greece in the cradle of European civilization.

Sardinia and nuragic cultures

An extraordinary journey to places of the highest energy where expansions of consciousness can be spontaneous and natural healings often facilitated.


Ireland between myths and legends
An experience in the green and powerful land of Ireland,
an adventurous journey from Kerry to Kennamara through "enchanted" landscapes and forests.

Portugal and Spain
Transformation and change often begin with a journey,
"the hero's journey"
begins in Lisbon via Estrella to Asturias and ends in Santiago de Compostela.

Morocco - the imperial cities and the desert



The extraordinary energy of the earth, the many traces of an ancient spirituality. Our journey from north to south will be full of twists and turns, smells, tastes, colours, old friends, dreams and hopes not yet lost.

Between cities of sand and bricks, deserts, dances, fires and starry nights, of course there will be challenges. They will come to test our true willingness to be ourselves the change we want for the world.

 A journey in and out of ourselves.

An experience to be evaluated together with attention and only for advanced and well-cohesive groups.



What are you gonna bring home with you:


 A journey inside and outside of you to bring balance and energy into the body.
A different intensive course, to regenerate yourself and learn new ways of thinking and being.

  •     To learn new small but fundamental changes in your daily life
  •     To re-connect with your true essence and inner strength
  •     To know and enhance yourself
  •     To learn how to let go of the past and free yourself once and for all from old ballasts
  •     To further develop your spiritual connection
  •     To experience a deep sense of joy, empathy and well-being