France - Paris and Brittany

An intensive Yoga tour and a special experience for participants whose breaths will meet on French soil.

They will be guests of imposing cathedrals, medieval labyrinths, islands of power, enchanted forests, ancient places of worship and all the spirits that will support and accompany them during the exercises.
A journey in which to rediscover their potential, helped by places energetically different at each stage.


Departing from Paris, a reserved bus will take us through Brittany to the different places where we will practice.
Natural cathedrals, villages and other incredible sites... including the sea of the Atlantic coast...
here the expansions of consciousness can be spontaneous and facilitate answers to our deepest inner questions.

 "A person who goes on a journey,
is never the same person who comes back from a trip."

Before entering the sites there will always be a guided group meditation to harmonize with the elements and frequencies of the places.
Initially our guides will help us in the synergy between archaeological/historical and experiential information.
Afterwards, space will be left to individual experimentation.

From the hotel in Paris to the residences on the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, at each of our stops we have chosen the best partners
to guarantee the group the best value for money.